Review Round Up: Rinlo, Switch Ports, And More

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We are halfway through this accursed year. With that, we are nearing the dreaded summer months, with hay fever, the sun, and all other kinds of horrible things in the air. While it might not be for everyone, it is nice to think that maybe next year will be better. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for, we’re here to talk about some of the games that came out this month. It’s been a good one for Switch games, so check this out.

The Outer Worlds

Oh The Outer Worlds, what a fun little game you are, but good lord is the Switch version not the way to play this game. Now, to be fair, there have been patches since the release of the game at the beginning of the month, so things have improved a bit. That being said, it’s still just not the best way to play this game.

It’s still an impressive accomplishment to have this game run in handheld mode; it’s just a shame that things are so marred by the performance and visual blur. If you’re looking for a new RPG to sink your teeth into, then The Outer Worlds may well be what you’re after, but maybe wait for a few more patches first.

[Reviewed on Nintendo Switch]


Q – A Neon Platformer

Q – A Neon Platformer is so stupidly hard. It’s very much designed to feel like Super Meat Boy in that respect; you’ll want to quit, you’ll want to give up. Honestly, it’s not 100% my thing, I like hard games, but I’m not big on hard platformers.

However, it’s an undeniably well-made platforming game, and both the music and the visual style help to keep this standing out in a field of platformers that want to make you cry. It’s just a really solid game, and one that you’ll enjoy a lot if you don’t mind dying constantly.

[Reviewed on PC]


Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy has you fighting your way through a plethora of different campaigns that show off historically-inspired battles via the medium of a real-time strategy game.  There’s a lot to really like about Ancestors Legacy, for starters, rather than have you focus on building up your own resources, given the nature of the game and its big conqueror energy, you just take settlements instead.

This makes for a slightly faster pace than most RTS games, and you’ll often find yourself scrambling to get a settlement with the resource you need to upgrade your army. It also means that you’ll have to constantly keep an eye on a rather large territory to defend it. The combat is good, the strategy is a lot of fun, and the only real thing that lets this version of Ancestors Legacy down is the lack of multiplayer. So, it’s perfect for those who’ve no interest in playing with others, but may miss the mark if you were hoping for a more inclusive experience.

[Reviewed on Nintendo Switch]


Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

You’d think, and you’d normally be correct, that 22 years is far too long a time for a sequel. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia is such a sequel, and despite the absurdly long wait, it’s pretty good. Set in a world of both might and also magic, you have to control your chosen faction as they try and take over the land of Runersia.

You do this by fighting it out through tactical battles that have a frankly obscene amount of depth. In fact, there’s so much depth that a lot of people may find themselves drowning in it, but for a lot of hardcore tactics fans, they’ll be very much in their element. It’s all set against stunning artwork and a really interesting world, but the story can be a little lacklustre in places, and there are some pacing issues too.

[Reviewed on Nintendo Switch]



Rinlo is an Early Access VR game. It stars Agatha, someone who is on a quest to find out why their parents sent them away, and what’s happened to somewhere they remember clearly. It has you adventuring around a steampunk dystopia and solving puzzles, interacting with the world, and exploring so very pretty areas.

As it stands, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. While a lot of the puzzles can be fun, and it’s undoubtedly a very pretty game, it’s a little bare bones. Of course, it is in Early Access, and the devs seem very keen on continuing to build upon the entertaining foundations that are currently there. I think this game could be really good, but it’s hard to recommend at the moment.

[Reviewed on PC]


Jason is the Editor of The Indie Game Website. He’s a lover of roguelikes, soulslikes, and other kinds of likes. He basically spends a lot of time getting beaten up in games and seems to enjoy it.

Jason Coles

Jason is the Editor of The Indie Game Website. He's a lover of roguelikes, soulslikes, and other kinds of likes. He basically spends a lot of time getting beaten up in games and seems to enjoy it.