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The Best Upcoming Indie Games July

Here we go again

We are halfway through this cursed year. Huzzah, let’s just pretend it’ll all go by faster if we stick our heads in some good games. Thankfully, this month might be the best one yet for indie releases, and we’ve picked five of them out for you to eagerly await.

So, tuck into the most exciting upcoming releases for the month, and maybe find a new reason to look forward to the constant and unending passing of time.

Deadly Premonition 2

Deadly Premonition 2 is the follow-up to a true cult classic game. It follows along as crimes need to be solved, and strangeness ensues. The main question here is whether or not it’ll be a case of a cult classic gone mainstream, or if it’ll maintain the same strange air that the original game has. Either way, it’s coming out pretty soon, and we’re excited to play it.

Deadly Premonition 2 will be solving mysteries when it releases on July 10th.

We Should Talk

The phrase “we should talk” is one of the single most terrifying phrases in existence. Is it going to be a good conversation, did your cat land a sick backflip before performing a rousing rendition of the Thong Song? Or, is it more likely that you’ve been too distant and things need to be addressed? Either way, We Should Talk is a game all about navigating the intricacies of language for one night, and it looks wonderful.

You can choose your words carefully when We Should Talk launches on July 16th.

In Death: Unchained

In Death is an excellent bow-based VR roguelike that has you battling through Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. It’s an intense amount of fun, and while the normal version is great, In Death: Unchained is taking the experience to Oculus Quest. This makes all of the spins, trick shots, and intense amount of panic wire-free, and that’ll make it one of the best experiences on the platform to date.

You can be an undying Legolas when In Death: Unchained releases on July 23rd.

Rogue Legacy 2

Look, Rogue Legacy one was great, and Rogue Legacy 2 just adds a bunch of new stuff to that incredible foundation. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a sequel to a roguelike, and this one is going to be obscenely good. There’s going to be heaps on new variables to enjoy, new weapons to find, and tons of ways to die. It’s going to be so very, very¬†good.

You too can be killed off by your children when Rogue Legacy 2 arrives on July 23rd.


Othercide has you fighting it out using The Daughters to fight off horrific creatures in a wildly stylish monochrome world. It’s an incredibly pretty game to behold, and the tactical gameplay looks like an immense amount of fun thanks to the Dynamic Timeline System. It’s all very dark and twisted, but the mix of stunning visuals, grotesque enemy design, and intriguing plot, has us very excited for this one.

Othercide will be creeping you out when it releases on Steam on July 28th.

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