Worms Rumble Is A Real-Time Worms Game

There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden

This is a weird one. Worms, the classic turn-based franchise that involves tiny invertebrates wielding uzis, rocket launchers, ninja ropes, and concrete donkeys, has a new game coming out that is in real-time. These kinds of swerves can really help to breathe new life into a franchise, but it’s still a really hard idea to wrap your head around. That being said, it’s pretty clear from the trailer that it’s not just the timing that’s changing.

Worms have always been a bit of a pain to control, and it looks like that’ll no longer be the case with this game as the little creatures jump around the arenas with ease. Alongside the standard deathmatch mode, there’s even going to be a battle royale mode. That’s another really strange idea, but honestly, I’m here for it. The trailer shows a plethora of worms fighting it out across the classic 2D style stages. Though, there doesn’t seem to be any destruction of the landscape going on.

While this might not be what everyone wanted, it’s kind of cool to see this new direction from a franchise that has been a little stale for a while now. Just because you’re not certain about something doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Worms Rumble definitely isn’t what I was expecting, but I’m very much ready for any and all strange shifts in the games I love, even if they don’t always work out. Maybe this’ll be the game that finally brings Worms back to us all.