Fast Travel Episode 3 Is Now Here

Where are we even going?

Fast Travel, the indie-focussed podcast from Astrid Johnson, the one that we help make a thing, has just released its third episode. If you’re already listening to it every time it comes out, then you should 100% share it with your friends, just download it onto their phones, it’s gotta be better than that sneaky U2 album we all ended up owning on iPhone. To be fair, few things are as awful as a stealth-downloaded U2 album, it’s not like they need more money, nor are they going to win any fans by doing it. Anyway, I digress.

This week’s description is “On this episode of the Fast Travel podcast, we roundup some games from including an orchestral puzzle-platformer and a skiing simulator, chat with Jason Coles from the Indie Game Website about the recently announced TV adaptation of Disco Elysium, and explore the evolution of every one of Colestia’s games from start to finish, in a longer-than-usual special feature.”

Make sure that you give it a listen, and then also review it, and then also share it with your friends, and then also Tweet about it. You know, the normal thing you’d do if you decide you like something so much that the world has to know about it. Maybe knit a scarf in the podcast’s honour, maybe do a collage using pictures from Disco Elysium. Maybe do none of those things and just tell people they should listen, I’m not the boss of you, I just want you to be happy. Anyway, you can listen to it here too: