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D3 Is Coming To Change Our World Tomorrow

No, no, it’s D3

With E3 dead, the only thing that remains is an endless summer of reveals and gaming shows, with each one vying to hold your attention and remind you that E3 doesn’t die. Instead, E3 has become a hydra of sorts, with one new show popping up every other day to remind us that there might just be too many games coming out, maybe more than we can realistically play. That’s a stressful thing to have to ponder on, but thankfully, the wonderful folks at Devolver are here to help.

Kicking off at 12 PM pacifist, or 8 PM BST, D3, the Devolver Digital Direct, is sure to bring with an incredibly off-beat show alongside some incredible looking games. It also promises to overpromise new game reveals, gameplay reveals, release dates, and special guests. Because, and I quote “because that’s what the youths of today demand.” Which is, well, kind of true. It’ll all be taking place on Twitch Gaming and Steam, and will no doubt be a worthwhile way to spend your evening.

Previous years have seen nosebleeds, excellent games, and a general constant feeling of unease that Devolver seems to have not only mastered, but turned into a viable marketing strategy. Hell, they even got Cyberpunkn 2077 postponed because they didn’t get enough Twitter followers, so it’s probably best not to underestimate them. Am I writing this because I’m being threatened? Who knows, the only thing I can say for sure, is that the show will be entertaining, and the games will be good.