The Next Earth Defense Force Game Looks Like Minecraft

What is that?

Earth Defense Force is the kind of perfectly joyful absurdly over-the-top B movie game that we all need and deserve to be playing at least once a week. It’s a series all about shooting giant ants, fighting off aliens, and every-so-often outright killing god. It stars gruff military folk doing their best to survive against impossible odds, and more often than not, using ridiculous weapons to do so. Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s a lot of fun, and that’s exactly what it needs to be.

Well, on top of the normal series there are occasionally spin-off titles that aim to do something a little different with the core formula, Earth Defense Force:  Wolrd Brothers isn’t just a slightly different thing though, it’s a big old helping of something brand-new. Set in an alternate universe made out of voxels, the world has been besieged and broken apart by aliens. You get to play as countless heroes from the series to fight off this menace, and it looks like you can switch between them at will as you fight. Alongside all of the usual characters, the trailer also shows off a maid, a ninja, and a cowboy, so it seems as though it’s going to be a decidedly silly game.

It’s definitely a more kid-friendly look, and the style of it is wonderfully smile-inducing. It’s not out until next year, but it’s coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4, and I’m really excited to get my hands on it and start wreaking some havoc.