The Maid Of Sker Looks Made Of Scares

Not even sorry

I’m a big old coward, so I don’t play many horror games. That being said, they can often have incredibly deep stories that are completely missed out on because of people like me. So, I’ve been trying to find more time for them, along with everything else I’ve been trying to find more time for. Maid of Sker is a particularly intriguing one, as it’s based not on zombies or anything like that, but on the Welsh tale of Elisabeth Williams.

The legend goes that two ghosts haunt Sker House, the captain of a ship that was wrecked on Sker Point, and Elisabeth Williams herself. Apparently, her father locked her in a room to stop her from running away with her lover, and she died of a broken heart. Not only is that the general legend, but it was all made famous in The Maid of Sker, a book published in 1872 by R D Blackmore.

It’s a grim tale, and while the game is inspired by it, it seems to be giving things a far keener horror edge to cut at your psyche with. For starters, it’s not the story of a broken heart, but a first-person survival horror game where you’ve only got a sound device to protect yourself. You’ll have to use it to protect yourself from an incredibly creepy cult who don’t seem all that thrilled to have you keeping them company. It looks great, and by great I mean horrible, and it’s out on July 28th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.