Risk Of Rain 2 Is Leaving Early Access Soon

Risk of price increases

I’m torn. You see Risk of Rain 2, a game I love, is finally coming out of Early Access. Now, upon full release, the game will go up in price. The developers have worked really hard on this incredible roguelike game, so I think they deserve more money. However, times are hard, and I think that you, the dear readers of this little website, deserve to get as much value for money as you can. So, I think you should buy Risk of Rain 2 now, to save yourself a bit of cash, plus, you’d be hard-pressed to get through all of the content and unlocks before August 11th, when it launches in full.

Anyway, my little conundrums aside, the full release of the game brings with it another brand-new survivor called The Captain. The Captain uses a gun, which acts like a shotgun normally, but can be charged to act more like a rifle. At least, that’s what it sounds like. He can also create zones that either heal or give armour to himself and allies. He sounds pretty cool, and is presumably named as such because he’s the captain of the ship that drops in the other survivors.

Along with that, there will be new items, new skill variants, and even a new level. The new level is going to be the MOon, which makes sense given things like Lunar Coins and Lunar Portals in the game. This’ll act as a true final boss too, and while I’m hoping for a 3D version of the original final boss, I’m sure Hopoo Games will do well with whatever they go for.