There Is No Game Hates Me And I Love It

The cake hasn’t got anything on this

Go and play There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. I usually include a trailer for the game I’m writing about when I do a Daily Dose. I don’t want to do that here though, because There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is much better if you’ve got no idea what it’s about. Now, if we’re going to be completely honest, that makes this very hard to write about. How on earth can I discuss a game without giving anything away? Is it even possible to do that? Is one sleep-deprived over-heated editor really capable of such things?

Well, I’ve been mulling over it for a week now, and I’ve decided that a) it’s still too damn hot, and b) of course I can, I can do anything. Maybe that’s just the mild heat exhaustion talking, perhaps it’s just the fact that my cat won’t stop rubbing it’s stupid cute face against my foot even though I hate, who knows, but I’m ready, I’m here, and I’m willing. Now, a lot of this isn’t about the game, but that’s by design. I don’t want to spoil anything, and There Is No Game is very much a game with which even the slightest discussion could count as a spoiler. I’ve even chosen images that I feel contain the least spoilers.

So, you’re just going to have to trust me, and go and play it. It’s tough, I know, to trust in this modern age, but who among us isn’t longing for a nice distraction? It’s a great time to play a game, but it’s an even better time to play There Is No Game, and you’ll enjoy every second of it.