Demons Ate My Neighbors! Is Pure Nostalgia

Oh, it’s demons now?

The 90s were weird. Anybody that tells you otherwise either wasn’t there or is lying and you should keep your distance from them. They were a time of shellsuits, terrible fashion, and the slow and steady emergence of video games. Sure, games had been around a little while, but it was the 90s that saw them climb up higher than ever before. Sometimes we get games that are spiritual successors to games not seen since the 90s, and sometimes we get Demons Ate My Neighbors! which is closer to being a reincarnation.

Demons Ate My Neighbors! (it’s meant to be neighbours), is a clear homage to Zombies Ate My Neighbors, which is one of the first co-op games I remember playing because I am old. In Demons though, a cursed VHS tape transforms Fairweather Valley into a horror show. Thankfully, April and Joey have water guns and holy water, so they’re more than ready to fight back against the evils walking among them.

What makes this really exciting for me, other than a chance to relive my youth, is the fact that this is a roguelite. That means an absurd amount of replayability, and assuming it can capture the charm of the original game, this could well be one of the most enjoyable roguelikes around. There are also sections that will allow you to either save the demons or damn them forever, and who doesn’t like a good bit of black-and-white morality when shooting demons with super soakers?