Every Day Without Boyfriend Dungeon Is A Day Wasted

Date the stabby thing, do it

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been an absolute travesty. It’s just been catastrophe after apocalypse after world-destroying disease after massive wildfires. It’s about time 2020 gave us something irrefutably good, something incorruptible, something pure. In this case, good is interchangeable with the word horny, and to be honest, good. That good was not interchangeable, stop trying to make everything horny, god. Anyway, that thing is Boyfriend Dungeon, and the fact that we know about but can’t play it makes me sad, and therefore, for the purpose of this article, makes you sad too.

Boyfriend Dungeon, in case you’ve somehow missed this seemingly perfect game, is all about fighting through dungeons, finding your own fighting style, and collecting weapons. It looks like a nicely stylised dungeon crawler, and you just can’t beat a good dungeon crawler. You take control of someone who is working a summer job that involves clearing out the dungeon (nicknamed “the dunj”, which, to be honest, I hate). Along the way, you find new weapons and earn money that you can spend in your spare time.

Oh, also, all of your weapons turn into hot people and you can date them. That was important, I should have mentioned it upfront instead of leading down this path and then revealing it. However, I do what I want. Anyway, Boyfriend Dungeon is the perfect game for people who look at swords and go “I wanna fuck that”, but don’t like the idea of kink-shaming, or, well, the potential damage of attempting such things. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but I’m writing this a couple of days in advance because then it might get a release date before it actually goes up. If that’s happened, I’ll note it, if not, I’m sorry, I tried.