Popup Dungeon Has Incredible Creative Tools

Fold it up, people

Popup Dungeon is the latest in a really consistently excellent line-up of games from Humble Games. Just in the last few months we’ve had One Step From Eden, Temtem, WIldfire, and Fae Tactics. Well, Popup Dungeon more or less continues along the same lines. However, what makes things different here isn’t that the game itself is good, but that it has an excellent set of creative tools to master.

Now, I’m terrible with creative stuff in games, it’s simply not something I enjoy doing, nor do I really want to commit any time to it. However, it’s impossible to play Popup Dungeon without realising just how much potential there is here for something truly incredible. It’s almost Little Big Planet levels of creation, and that makes for a game that is so much more than how it shipped. Instead, Popup Dungeon has the potential to completely outgrow itself and become truly immense.

One of the reasons that it is so exciting is that there are tools here that allow you to make different genres. You’re not just stuck with how the game lets you play it, instead, you can go ahead and make a dating simulator if you want to. We all know just how creative the community at large is, after all, we’ve all seen Terraria builds, so when you give them a toolset like this you’re only inviting a constant stream of creativity and ingenuity. It could be absolutely massive if people are willing to master the tools here, and I’m excited by everything that the game could become.