You Should Play Golf With Your Friends

As has been the tradition of this year, I’ve started playing a new game with my friends. We tend to play a lot of co-op stuff, not because we don’t like competing with one another, but because all of us have very different gaming skillsets, so it can be tricky to find a game that feels balanced for our weird collective skill level. Well, the new game this time around is Golf With Your Friends, and as it turns out, it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Golf With Your Friends is basically mini-golf meets Mario Kart. The aim is to get through the courses in as few strokes as possible. Along the way, you can pick up powerups that will either help you or hinder your opponents, sorry, I mean friends. These range from things like being able to freeze yourself in place to being able to turn everyone else’s golf ball into an acorn or an egg. Also, you can hit your golf ball into their golf ball to either knock them off of the courses or to help yourself get around a tricky corner.

Now, the first time you load up Golf With Your Friends, the name is accurate. You’re playing golf, and you’re likely doing it with your friends. However, by the time you reach the 9th hole of any course, the title ceases to be anywhere close to true. For starters, it’s no longer golf; it’s war. Secondly, these people are no longer your friends; they’re just some idiots you used to associate with. Anyway, expect to see more coverage of single-player games from now on, because the people I sued to play games with are dead to me after they turned me into a cube just as I was about to make a hole in one.