The Best Games From The GDoC Expo

Last weekend, The Game Devs of Color Expo showcased a variety of panels hosted by amazing developers and also a wide amount of upcoming indie games created by very talented folks. Not all of these games are around the corner, but they’re all worth paying attention to thanks to a lot of different reasons. Whether you’re in the market for dogs, devils, or grapes, we’ve got something for everyone here. Here’s our list of the ones that stood out the most for us:

Lucifer Within Us 

In a futuristic theocracy where people have grown susceptible to demonic possession (a bit like now but with fantasy?), Sister Ada is an exorcist detective who must solve murders and catch the demonic forces behind them. Detailed decision-making mechanics and multiple actions and dialogue branches make Lucifer Within Us a very interesting prospect.

Onsen Master

An arcade strategy game about healing on a fantasy island, in Onsen Master you play as Mu, a kid that takes the role of the attendant at the Nakasukumi Onsen when the Onsen Master disappears. Inspired by films such as Spirited Away, the first title of Waking Oni Games takes gameplay cues from Overcooked in what looks like a lighthearted experience.

Garden Story 

In the world of Garden Story, we will get to meet Concord, a little grape that tries to make friends and helps others fulfilling various requests as the Guardian of a community in need of some unity. With a colourful aesthetic and art created by the talented Picogram, this wholesome game that mixes Zelda and Stardew Valley elements creates a curious and wonderful adventure.

Love Shore 

Fifty years ago, the city of Love Shore was afflicted by a fertility crisis, and the mysterious company of Life.S brings a solution in the form of S.Humans. Today, Sam and Farah must fight the hidden old gods running the underworld while solving the mysteries behind the companions they meet, in this awesome cyberpunk noir thriller created by the folks at Perfect Garbage.  

She Dreams Elsewhere 

Studio Zevere delivers a surreal turn-based RPG where we delve into the mind of Thalia, a comatose woman. Exploring the ethereal dreamscape inside her head and fighting the nightmares in it, you’ll unveil the secrets of her story in this adventure focused on emotions, mental health, and self-identity. All of this accompanied by a gorgeous soundtrack and She Dreams Elsewhere looks phenomenal. 


When music becomes prohibited on Saturn, it falls on the songwriter-singer B0B0 and her jukebot drummer companion Rocket to rebel against the authorities of a corrupt system. Control electricity and use it to fuel the power of your music to fight in this electric cyberpunk turn-based rhythm JRPG developed by Moonana. That’s a lot of genres, but we think Keylocker looks great. 

An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

I mean, honestly, isn’t the title An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs alone enough to get you invested in this one? This fabulous first-person open-world adventure puts you in the skin of one of the two last humans left in the galaxy and makes you explore simulated airports run by no other than puppers that need help with their problems, while you try to reunite with your stranded fiance.