Rocket League Tips And Tricks

Rocket League goes free-to-play today. This is likely to bring in the largest number of new players since the game originally launched five years ago. That means that you, my dear reader, might be on the lookout for some Rocket League tips and tricks to help you get started. Well, I’ve got good news for you. You see, the reason that this article is called “Rocket League Tips And Tricks” is because that’s exactly what it contains. So, strap yourself in and get ready for some knowledge.

Rocket League tips and tricks

Each of these is aimed more at beginners than anybody else, but they’re all still solid bits of advice no matter what level you’re at. Getting really good at Rocket League takes a lot of time, and while we can’t help you become a pro, these Rocket League tips and tricks could well be the beginning of something beautiful.

Complete the basic practice bits

This might seem like an obvious tip, but trust me when I say that the training the game has is excellent and is well worth paying attention to. If you combine the in-game training and some online videos, you’ll find yourself improving at a far faster rate.

Learn to manage your boost

Boost is the lifeblood of Rocket League. If you don’t have boost then you’ll struggle to get up to speed or do anything in the air. Both of these things are essential if you want to keep getting better, and learning when you should go all out on your boost and when you should feather it lightly is integral to better play. You should always keep that boost topped up, and if you need to go and get more then you should tell someone…

Always communicate with teammates

On that subject, you should always use the in-game quick chat options to talk to your teammates. Now, if you’re playing with a group and voice chatting then that’s obviously better, but while you’re online with randos you need to talk. Tell them if you’re going for a ball, heading back to goal, or need to get boost. Knowledge is power.

Look where the ball is going to be, not where it is

This is something you’ll naturally get better at the more you play Rocket League. While chasing the ball does have its place when you’re trying to apply pressure to your opponents, it’s not always the best way to go about things. Instead, you’ll find yourself with far more opportunities if you look at where the ball is going to be instead. Sometimes this means figuring out where an opponent or a teammate is going to hit the ball to, but if you keep this in mind as you play you’ll become an expert at predicting the trajectory of the ball, and then you can become an expert at intercepting it.

Sometimes you’ve gotta bump the other cars

Bumping into other cars is part of the game. It can be frustrating, and if you overdo it you’re going to annoy people, but the odd bump here and there is just good strategy. Sometimes you can score by moving ahead of the ball and clearing the path a little bit, so a little bump or a demo (destroying the other car) can help you get that win. It’s not poor sportsmanship if it’s tactical. Don’t be an idiot though.