No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Just Keeps Getting Better

No Man’s Sky is an intensely perplexing game. It’s one that got a rather mixed feedback on release and has basically evolved into something that is as close to essential as any game can be. The universe it’s set in just keeps improving, and the amount of work that Hello Games must constantly be putting into it is staggering. I have no idea how that remains financially viable, but I’m glad it is because the only other games that have evolved like this are Minecraft and Terraria.

The Origins update is a little less flashy than some of the more recent ones. It doesn’t introduce derelict space stations to explore or living ships, but it does change the core of the game in a really meaningful way. I don’t mean the gameplay either, I mean the world generation. Origins adds in a bunch of magic that means that worlds are more diverse than ever before. That means there are, among other things, gigantic worm creatures and volcanos.

I don’t always have No Man’s Sky in my game rotation, but it’s one that pops back up for a few weeks every time there’s an update. Some people never stop playing it though, and it’s very easy to see why given how much it evolves. As ever, the fact that the whole thing is playable in VR as well makes it even more awe-inspiring. Oh, also it’s currently on sale on Steam. So if you’ve been waiting to get it I’d go ahead and get it now.