Warframe Tips And Tricks

Released a staggering seven years ago, Warframe has an absurdly large number of things to do, planets to explore and enemies to kill. That can all feel incredibly overwhelming if you’re jumping in for the first time though, and nobody could blame you for second-guessing yourself upon starting. However, if you stick with it, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that’s unlike any other and one with incredible gameplay. To help you find your feet, we’ve put together some Warframe tips and tricks. 

Warframe tips and tricks

Each of these tips is aimed at newer players, but that doesn’t mean that the veterans can’t benefit from these Warframe tips and tricks either. It’s always a good idea to keep the basics in mind.

Explore the game

Truth be told, this game is big. While that can be overwhelming for some players, don’t let that fact become an obstacle. You have a lot of things to do in order to progress, but none of them makes it any less fun to play, so buckle up and travel through the whole solar system because there’s a lot of interesting places to go. Take the Empyrean regions which are accessible with the Railjacks or the open-world maps such as Orb Vallis, the Cambion Drift and the Plains of Eidolon. You have a vast, vibrant, and rich world open to you to explore as you see fit.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Warframe has one of the most supportive communities in gaming overall. Never be afraid to ask for advice about something you don’t know, and if you need extra hands on some missions, most of the time folks are eager to get into a Squad and help other players. It’s strongly advised to join a Clan since that’s an easy way to make acquaintances with other players and a Dojo grants you access to training maps and a lot of other perks. Make some friends, and the game will be even more enjoyable!

Craft, craft, craft

In order to level up your Mastery Rank you need to level up both Warframes, Companions, and Weapons, and to do that you need blueprints and resources of various kinds to craft them, something you want to do as much as you can since, at higher mastery ranks, you get access to better weapons and gear. The market offers a good amount of blueprints to progress through the first ones, but after that, you may want to farm Assassination battles to get more rare ones. Another good source for obtaining blueprints is the Dojo labs since you can only obtain some specific weapons and warframes in those facilities.

Experiment with your playstyle

If there is something that this game succeeds to do, is adapting itself to your playstyle, whether you’re focused on firepower, approaching combat from the melee side, or a combination of all those. There is no “correct” way to play this game, only ways to optimize your playstyle: Try new Mods and Arcanes, weapon and warframe combinations, and if you feel adventurous try going to a mission with only one weapon, sometimes you will even need to do it that way in the case of some warframes like Mesa or Garuda. Don’t be scared to experiment and always practice new ways to play, because variety is an advantage here.

…Look pretty?

You will find a lot of cosmetic customization options. No, really, a lot. While this has nothing to do with the gameplay nor affects it at all, you should always take some time to relax and try to get any free customization item you can, like alternative helmet blueprints, glyphs, syandanas (which can serve as capes, cloaks and even wings) and even some colour palettes when there is an event with cosmetic rewards, such as Easter or Valentine’s day. Yeah, this isn’t the most important topic in the entire game but, you’re playing as a space ninja exploring the solar system. If you’re not gonna look cool while doing parkour in Mars and Venus, what’s even the point?