Review Round Up: Cyber Hook, Against The Moon, & More

We’re about to leave September and enter the spooky month. Whether you’re all about going out (you’re not allowed out) to get sweets or you just like dressing up (no shame here), October has something for everyone. That being said, we’re looking back at some of the games that September has offered us here, and it’s been an interesting month.

HAAK (Early Access)

Early Access can mean a lot of different things in terms of the quality of a game. In HAAK‘s case, it means that it’s a well-made but rather short game at the moment.

While what’s there is a lot of fun, and all of it is incredibly stylish, I can’t really recommend you pick it up in its current form. That being said, if you’re in the market for an incredibly stylish game with some very fun power-ups and combat, then maybe HAAK will keep you entertained for a few hours.

[Reviewed on PC]


Necromunda: Underhive Wars

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is a strategy game that has you fighting it out between multiple gangs in a dystopian underground. It’s got a solid base, but it doesn’t really do anything interesting with it.

Building off of the XCOM style of strategy, you get to decide how you move and act or react as you’re fighting it out. While the strategy can be fun, it’s all a bit sluggish, and that can make each fight feel as though it takes an eternity. On top of that, it’s visually just a bit early 2000s, with the colour brown seemingly being the inspiration for everything. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a good one really either.

[Reviewed on PC]


Cyber Hook


Fast-paced platforming games can be a huge amount of fun, but they need to be done right. Cyber Hook is definitely done right, and it calls to mind the glory of Clustertruck and all of the absurdity that that game did so well.

However, Cyber Hook revolves around, and brace yourself, a grappling hook. You race through neon worlds at breakneck speeds and attempt to swing from tiny points up as high as you can to see if you can beat your previous score. It’s just a lot of fun, and I can see this being massive with speedrunners.

[Reviewed on PC]


Against The Moon

Against the Moon should be exactly what I’m looking for in a game. It’s got some deckbuilding, some tactical combat, and a cool setting. It is, on paper at least, an interesting game with some really cool mechanics.

Unfortunately, none of it fits together as well as it could, and it feels incredibly short. This style of game is at its best when you can keep going back to it time and time again, and that’s not the case here. Some of the battles feel terribly balanced, and the whole thing just feels a bit off. It’s still getting regular updates though, so I’m quietly hopeful for the game it could become despite this being the full release.

[Reviewed on PC]



Breakpoint is a simple and incredibly honest game. It’s a new arcade game, and there’s nothing more to it. However, in a field of endless games and services, this approach is rather refreshing.

All you have to do in Breakpoint is defeat the oncoming neon shapes. You just have to hit them and avoid the attacks that spew out of them, all the while building your weapon up to a breakpoint where you’ll clear the area around you. You’re chasing a score here, and it’s fun. The lack of depth isn’t going to do it for everyone, but I can see this appealing to high-score fanatics and really scratching an itch.

[Reviewed on PC]