Cake Bash Looks Tasty And Hilarious

A good party game is a lot like good party food. It should be moreish, accessible to nearly everyone, and ideally brightly coloured and covered in an excessive amount of sugar. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust people that prefer savoury food to sweet food, but I’m also not not saying that. Anyway, Cake Bash looks like it could well be the perfect dessert for any gaming buffet thanks to its bright colours and refreshing gameplay.

The aim is simple, survive through a bunch of different multiplayer matches to become the last cake standing. It’s definitely more of a local multiplayer game than an online one, but thanks to Steam remote play, that’s basically the same thing. Also, thanks to the pandemic, only of those exists anymore anyway. You’ll be competing across a range of different game modes, each of which will challenge you in a different way as you try and overcome whatever weirdness is thrown your way.

Among the game modes you’ll be competing in are ones where you have to try and et as many sprinkles as possible, ones where you’ll be beating the filling out of each other with lollipops, and ones where’ you’ll need to avoid a pigeon while trying to yeet fruit into the centre of the level. It all looks suitable absurd, but I think the colourful nature of the game is the thing that’ll make it so much fun, especially for families with younger kids. They can mostly still see each other, and that’s great.