Go And Get Pikuniku For Free On Epic

Please give yourself a little bit of self-care and go over to the Epic store and get Pikuniku for free while it is free. It’s an intensely silly and funny game that would be ruined if I talked too much about it, so I just want to explain that it’ll make you smile, laugh, and you’ll have a great time with it. There are a lot of games where talking about them too much would kind of spoil them, and they’re tricky to talk about other than to just recommend them to people.

The basic premise of Pikuniku is that capitalism is bad and has corrupted a lot of life as we know it. You play a little bean who has to try and fight back against the forces of money and you get to help people as you go. It’s a classic adventure, but one with a lot of really solid jokes and entertaining setups to keep things moving at a decent pace.

It’s also a really cute game. The visual style of it screams “indie darling” but not every game that looks like that can actually claim that title. In my opinion, Pikuniku very much can. On top of all of that, it also has a co-op mode that’s just as much fun as the single-player offering. It’s just a good game, and I want you to not only play it, but do so for free as long as you download it within the next week. So, well, get to it.