Talking Giant Robots With The Override 2 Team

It’s been nearly two years since Override: Mech City Brawl first dropped and we had some good impressions of it. Set within a 3D arena, battles took place across a variety of destructible cities, giving us a mission-based campaign mode but also made for a great indie co-op game too, with local and online multiplayer. Reminiscent of older games like Godzilla: Save the Earth, there’s been a lack of good Kaiju and Mecha themed brawlers in recent years and Mech City Brawl fit the bill quite nicely, especially given the incredibly cool Ultraman crossover. 

So we were pretty happy to see the news last month that Override 2: Super Mech League is coming this December, hitting up almost every platform going. This time around, instead of fighting aliens the Mechs will be fighting each other as part of a competitive sports league. To celebrate this, we were kindly given the chance to speak with Modus Games directly about their upcoming sequel, discussing just what we can expect.

Henry: First, thank you for joining me today, I was a big fan of Mech City Brawl personally. For those of our readers who aren’t aware of, could you please introduce yourselves?

Hey, we really appreciate it! I’m Rafael Gatti (General Manager) — and I’m Lucas Neves (Tech Director)– and we’re developers at Modus Studios Brazil, the studio behind Override.

Henry: How has the response been to the announcement trailer so far?

RG: It’s been really great! There are always some types of events that you get to see what a game’s community is all about and we couldn’t be happier with ours. It was really invigorating to see how thrilled everyone was with the announcement of a sequel. Also, I had no idea Pescado had such a huge following, ha ha.

Henry: What inspired the team to make a sequel as opposed to an expansion, was this always in the cards?

RG: There were a lot of things we wanted to improve from the first game, and we felt that a sequel instead of an expansion would give us the necessary freedom to explore and test for the best final result. We can hardly wait for everyone to see what’s changed.

Henry: Was there any feedback you’ve taken on board from Mech City Brawl’s reception into Super Mech League’s development?

RG: Feedback from the community is super important to us, and greatly informed the direction of the sequel. We want to create a game that is rewarding for both competitive players and fans of the arena brawler genre. We have done a lot of work to make the game more dynamic and skill-based, and less prone to cheap tactics like kiting. At the same time, we have also worked hard to streamline many of the systems, like the energy system for skills, and added a lot of arena brawler elements, like the use of items, environmental interactions, and hazards.

Henry: Back in Mech City Brawl, we saw quite a deep campaign mode focused on an alien invasion with the Xenotypes. This time though, fighting seems to focus around a series of sports-like Mech Leagues. What kind of experience can we expect when compared to the original campaign?

RG: Override 2 takes place several years after the defeat of the alien invasion and eradication of the xenotypes. In the aftermath of the war, the Mech Leagues rise to prominence. Now mech pilots fight like gladiators for fame and glory in arenas spread throughout the globe. As a new pilot joining the Mech Leagues, you learn the ropes and work your way through different types of matches and tournaments, each with their own ranks and rewards to advance your career. Go sports!

Henry: How does the club system work here, does that extend into multiplayer too?

LN: Clubs work in real-world cycles where players may join one and influence their club’s final global rank at the end of the cycle.

Henry: The announcement trailer introduced us to Sprinkles and Aura, two new mechs not previously seen. I understand a 20-bot roster is planned but is that just for launch, or does that include post-launch DLC characters?

RG: We’ll have a breathtaking 20 mech roster at launch, with more characters joining post-launch.

Henry: Will the complete original crew of Mechs be present here? Or can we expect some lineup changes?

RG: A lot of Mechs are returning with updated visuals and moves to join the fray in Mech Leagues, alongside some newcomers that are eager to prove their value.

Henry: There was a big focus on unlockable cosmetics in the first game. Will any previously unlocked cosmetics carry over from our saves into the sequel?

RG: Unlockables don’t carry over but we have some new customization options in-store that I think you’ll like.

Henry: You’ve confirmed that Override 2 will be launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Has it been challenging bringing it to so many platforms?

LN: Definitely challenging, but it’s also really cool to work on a next-gen title this early. It’s the kind of challenge we like.

Henry: Last of all, is there anything you’d like to share with the fans in particular?

RG: We’re so thankful for our community! I know we’re not the most outspoken devs–we like to keep a low profile–but I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and engagement. Please keep looking forward to what we have in store for you as we keep working hard to deliver it to you!