Genshin Impact Is Just Far Too Much Fun

It’s not often a gacha game comes out and makes such a huge stir, but Genshin Impact is hardly the norm for gacha games. For starters, it’s on basically every platform in existence. Then there’s the fact that it’s visually stunning, mechanically entertaining, and actually very funny as well on top of that. You’ll have seen it compared to Breath of the Wild at some points, and that’s because, well, it really does have a similar vibe.

Set in a world filled with magic, you play as basically one of a massive array of different anime tropes. However, they’re all a little bit more interesting than the standard tropes, and it really comes through in the exceptional localisation. Every line has some kind of subtle joke or deep-seated feeling behind it, and you end up completely enamoured with the characters you’ll meet as you venture around the world.

Of course, all of that’s secondary to the moment-to-moment gameplay. You’ll be running around killing monsters with different elemental abilities and gliding through the skies on a glider. You can mix and match elements to create some incredible effects, like fire tornadoes or electrical explosions. On top of that, you can switch characters on the fly which lets you create amazing combos that can decimate whatever you’re up against. Then there’s dungeons, puzzles, secrets to find, bosses to locate, and plenty of other things to do too. It’s very impressive for a free game, and while the gacha elements might be off-putting for some, you don’t actually have to put any money in to enjoy the game.