Haven Has A New Story Trailer And A Release Date

I’ve written about Haven before because it looks stunning and I’m absolutely fascinated by it. Set on a mysterious planet, you play the role of two characters who are trying to find their way and survive. Yu and Kay have escaped and find themselves a little bit lost, thankfully they have each other. They’ll have to fight through some tough monsters using a timing-based combat system and you get to control both of them at the same time, which sounds like an intriguing take on the whole thing.

What really interested me about Haven though isn’t the combat, but the story it promises to tell. There’s a big focus on the interaction between the two characters, and I feel like if it’s done properly, it could be one of the most rewarding examples of a relationship in gaming ever. There’s just something wonderful about the idea of managing both characters and how they feel and seeing how they both react to each other. It’s the kind of personal touch you’d usually find in a visual novel or a walking simulator, but instead, it’s a pivotal part of this stunning RPG.

Of course, there’s also the incredible look of the game to enjoy along with the cool mechanics. Also, the new story trailer which you’ve probably watched if you’re this far down the article. I’m really looking forward to checking this game out when it releases on December 3rd, and I think it could be a late contender for game of the year.