Die By The Blade Is A Brutal New Fighting Game

Fighting games are fun. That’s kind of a stupid statement, but I stand by it. There’s something about the short sharp matches and the way the games scale with your skill level that makes them perfect for not only killing time, but also testing your abilities to get better at something. Sometimes they can feel a bit slow though, and the games that feature weapons prominently can end up feeling a bit silly when one of the combatants shrugs off a giant axe attack like it was nothing.

Die by the Blade is the latest fighting game in the one-hit-kill subgenre of fighting game, and while it’s not out until next year, we’re already pretty excited about it. Also, next year is only two months away at this point, it’s not still March, even though it feels like it. Anyway, Die by the Blade features intense 1v1 battles where you have to learn to read your opponent’s every move and react accordingly. Lots of fighting games are predicated on that idea, but things are so much more stressful when a single hit can end it either way.

On top of that, while most games have you choosing a character to dictate your fighting style, this one is all about which weapon you use. That means that you can choose your favourite character aesthetically instead of because of their moves. It also means you get the chance to practice and play with some very cool weapons and stances, and it should allow for a lot of depth.