Fishkeeper Looks Like The Perfect Chill Out Game

When I was younger I used to go and visit this little fish shop at the end of my road. It wasn’t very large, but it had a lot of cool fish in there for sale and I loved going and seeing them all swimming around. I remember being fascinated by the colours and the different ways they moved. There’s something reassuringly alien about aquatic animals, and while I’ve never kept fish myself (especially not now with two cats), I’ve always liked the idea of it.

Thankfully for me, as well as anybody else who likes the idea of keeping fish but can’t for whatever reasons, video games are good sometimes. In this case, a game called Fishkeeper promises to bring everything that’s great about the experience into our homes digitally. Well, it goes a little bit above and beyond keeping a goldfish in a bowl here, but that can only be a good thing for anybody who thinks that fish are friends and not food.

You get to not only keep an eye on all of your animals but also customise the shape and size of your tanks, sell of fish to make money, and also use a bathyscaphe to view the inside of your tank and keep a close eye on the fish themselves. It all looks rather wonderful, and I’m very here for any game that lets us relax a bit instead of driving us into increasingly stressful situations. Although, I like the stupidly stressful ones too because I’m a fool.