The Companion Looks Out Of This World

I think as you get older you tend to veer towards slightly slower games and more subtle stories. That’s not to say you won’t still enjoy twitch shooters or fast-paced action games, it’s just nice to occasionally unwind while playing a game instead of stressing yourself out. The Companion looks a lot like the kind of game that fits into this cosy little role, and if the short trailer announcing it is anything to go by, it’s destined to be one of those games we all talk about for years to come.

The game is intentionally mysterious, which means there’s not much to go on outside of it appearing to be a story about a boy and a girl and some spirit animals. As the game’s description states “Explore a magical and beautiful world where visions of a past, present, and future, guide you. Collect Essence and find Artifacts that aid in building a link to the corporeal world.”

So, it’s not going to be a combat-heavy affair, and will instead challenge players to relax a bit and move around a beautiful world in their own time. Walking simulators and more casual games get a lot of stick for not appealing to the masses, but The Companion and games of the same ilk fit into a niche which is essential for a lot of gamers. As more people use games to escape from reality, this kind of magical world with its otherworldly looks are the perfect chance to be somewhere else.