You Should Play GTFO

Getting stuck into some impossible situations with a group of friends is fairly satisfying. Well, probably not as satisfying in real-life, but in the digital world where nothing is actually at risk, it’s great fun. One of the best games for finding yourself in these situations is GTFO, which describes itself as “a hardcore 4 player cooperative first-person shooter, with a focus on team play and atmosphere.” In essence, it’s a bit like Left 4 Dead if Left 4 Dead decided to be brutally difficulty and actively try and scare you instead of making you feel powerful.

You’ll not be running around blasting randomly. You can try and do that if you want, but you won’t last very long, and your teammates are definitely going to get annoyed with you. Instead, you’ll need to plan your route through each level perfectly and use everything at your disposal to survive. That means reinforcing doors, bottlenecking enemies where possible, and managing your limited ammo to make sure you get the most out of each shot.

It’s a game that feels satisfying in a very similar way to a Soulslike. That means you’re not necessarily going to like it, but if you’re willing to put some time in and work together with your team, then that feeling of success will be overwhelming. It’s still in Early Access, but you’ll rarely notice that as you play because it’s an incredibly polished game. Just make sure to bring reliable friends and maybe leave the light on, just in case.