The Best PS5 Games

The PlayStation 5 is finally here and kicking! You have Miles Morales and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but maybe you’re looking for something a bit different? Don’t worry, we have just the list for you, as we’ve rounded up the best indie games for Sony’s powerful new console. Check out the best PS5 games below!

The best PS5 games

Sure, the console has only just come out, but the people need to know which are the best PS5 games. So, you’ll want to feast your eyes on this list and then download them straight into your brain (your PS5). 

Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux takes place in 2084 and tells the story of the detective Daniel Lazarski, focused on his quest to find the whereabouts of his distant son, Adam, after receiving a mysterious call from him. Bloober Team delivers an upgraded version with brand-new story content of this wonderful 2017 experience, a fusion of sci-fi and psychological horror in a dark cyberpunk setting, now one of the best PS5 games.

The Pathless

The latest adventure developed by Giant Squid, The Pathless brings an open world with no directions other than your own, a gameplay displaying puzzling mechanics with different interesting approaches of stealth and shooting, and a fast and fluid movement system. You will take the role of The Hunter, a master archer accompanied by the eagle companion that will aid her in her fight against the Godslayer, on a difficult journey through a mysterious land, trying to lift a deadly curse afflicting the world.

No Man’s Sky: Next Generation

With a lot of performance updates and supporting up to 32-player multiplayer for the first time in consoles, No Man’s Sky: Next Generation will bring to life its latest experience in what will be for sure one of the best PS5 games. Now free for all to enjoy it, this enhanced edition will deliver a stunning journey through a universe full of new and unexpected worlds more vibrant, creative, and entertaining than ever before.


Explore Snaktooth Island, a place with many biomes and home of the legendary half-bug half-snack creatures, the Bugsnax. In this strangely wholesome journey, you will discover and document over 100 mysterious Bugsnax, for which you will need different devices and bait categories to capture them. These curious little beings are necessary to feed the local Grumpuses as you uncover what happened to Lizbert Megafig, the missing disgraced explorer that invited you to the island in the first place.


Warframe screenshot

Play as a Tenno, a member of a cast of ancient warriors, and fight your way through the many planets of the Origin System and its never-ending battles in an enhanced version of this ever-evolving game, previously showcased in last-gen consoles and now one of the best PS5 games. Enjoy your journey to the Cambion Drift, an infested landscape in the recently-discovered planet Deimos, in the latest chapter of the story. As one of the most exciting MMOs since 2013, we have no doubts that Warframe will look better than ever on this new console generation.