The Best Xbox Series X Games

With the Xbox Series X out now and probably already sitting in your entertainment centre, you can access a wide array of games by using its many subscription service options, which will allow you to play the current best Xbox Series X games as much as you want. Keeping that in mind, come and check our curated list to decide which one of these indie games suit your tastes better in this wonderful machine!

The best Xbox Series X games

Needless to say that these are all indie games, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not still the best Xbox Series X games out there. It also applies to the Xbox Series S too, but it makes for a clunky title.


This MMO first-person shooter developed by Darkflow Studio brings reconstructions of key battles in WWII to large-scale maps with combatants numbering up to 100 players. You can play either alone or with friends controlling a squad of soldiers, with a lot of different vehicles and weapons at your disposal. Coordinate attacks with your companions to destroy the enemy forces in campaigns such as the Battle for Moscow, the Invasion of Normandy, the Battle of Tunis, and the Battle of Berlin.

Yes, Your Grace

Not only a launch title but also one of the best Xbox Series X games right now, Yes, Your Grace puts you in the role of the King Eryk of Davern. Yours is the responsibility of managing the increasingly sparce remaining resources and money of your kingdom week by week. You aim is to satisfy the demands of your subjects and provide them with advice, in this entertaining and unique role-playing strategy game developed by the folks at Brave At Night, in an adventure that will delight you for hours.

Bright Memory

A stunning and very polished first-person shooter set to be one of the best Xbox Series X games, Bright Memory will introduce you to Shelia, an agent hired by the Science Research Organization. Her journey will take you through various challenges to prevent the villainous SAI military forces from acquiring a legendary ancient power that can awaken the dead, in this fast-paced sci-fi adventure. Developed by the impressive FYQD Personal Studio, it serves as the exciting prologue for the upcoming Bright Memory: Infinite.

Manifold Garden

An upgrade from the 2019 title, Manifold Garden takes place in a world where you manipulate gravity in various ways by solving physics-defying puzzles. This mind breaking experience will both feast your eyes and ask you to restore life step by step in a currently sterile land while interacting with this abandoned world’s geometry and the devices within its impossible, expansive architecture.


With fascinating aesthetics, an elegant soundtrack, and satisfying gameplay, the 2D puzzle-platformer Evergate is a beautifully animated journey across time and space. In this emotional and haunting adventure through the afterlife, we meet Ki, a small child-like spirit trying to know more about their mysterious connection to another soul, while we face the memories of a life left behind in what it’s one of the best Xbox Series X games out now.