You Should Play The Stanley Parable

Games that aren’t games but are more like existential experiences are important. Films that do similar things are good and all, but it’s far better to become the protagonist in these instances, and one of the best games in this strange genre has to be The Stanley Parable. If you’ve not heard of the game, then well, you have now, because I literally just told you about it, so I don’t know what more you’re expecting here.

We all know, and by we all, I mean me and whoever it is that regularly visits the sites (thank you, you’re the real game of the year), that these articles are just my way of inflicting my gaming taste upon you. However, because you already know that, you presumably trust my opinion on games somewhat anyway, and that means all you really need to do is to read the title and then go and by the game. I mean, after opening the article and pretending to read it because it helps my metrics.

If you’re reading this and thinking “what on Earth is going on, why is he typing like this today?” then good news, that’s basically what you’ll be feeling throughout The Stanley Parable. Of course, TSP (as it’s known colloquially to nobody) has far better writing than I can manage, and also it’s a video game and not an article online, but you get the general gist of things. So yeah, get out there (stay inside) and make sure you play TSP.