Mixolumia Is An Incredible Puzzle Game

Puzzle games, and I mean the ones that are just about solving puzzles, go back a long way. We’ve been playing them since the dawn of gaming, and while they might get prettier, the core concept at their centre rarely changes. The aim is to do whatever it is you’re doing to beat a previous score or go faster than before. They’re pure gameplay, and every so often a game comes along that takes something familiar and twists it into a more intriguing form. Mixolumia is exactly that.

Mixolumia is a block clearing puzzle game, think Tetris, for example. The aim is exactly that, but what makes it special is the flow of it. The way each of the blocks moves and coalesces is gratifying beyond words, and it’s all supported by a wonderful visual style and some really excellent sound design. When you put it all together you end up with a puzzle game that’ll have its hooks in your from the first clear.

There’s undoubtedly an absurdly high skill-ceiling here, and while I know I’m never going to reach it, it doesn’t make it any less tempting to aim for. It helps that there are a few different modes to choose from and a wide range of customisation options available to try and make the game more accessible. It’s just an incredibly impressive puzzle game, and while the core concept is no different to what we’ve seen before, the execution very much is, and you’re going to need to play it to know what I mean.