Learn How To Relax With And Just Breathe

I know the title looks weird but the game is called And Just Breathe. Anyway, my own anxieties aside, let’s talk about mental health for a little bit. It’s been a rough year for basically everyone. Unless you’re one of the people who’s been profiting off of this whole global pandemic thing, the chances are that you’ve had a rough one personally. Maybe you’ve faced your own struggles with work, or home, or family, or friends, or just everything. It’s okay to struggle, and it’s okay to not be okay.

That’s true all the time, but especially when all of life’s little stresses come with an unhealthy dose of the chaos that has defined 2020. It’s important to keep that in mind if you find yourself tired, worn down, unproductive, grumpy, or basically any other less than ideal emotion. You’re not alone in these feelings, nor should you be ashamed for reaching out for help. While I’d definitely recommend trying to get therapy if you’re feeling like you’re down and out at the moment, there are techniques you can use to help you get through in the meantime.

And Just Breathe is a game made to help guide you through techniques you can use to help you relax. They’re meant to help you recentre yourself, to find something to grip onto as the world threatens to overwhelm you. Looking after both your body and your mind is essential to being able to cope with things, but doing so amidst everything this year has thrown at us is hard, and it might feel impossible. It’s not impossible though, and this game can help you feel a bit better. Again though, seek out therapy or proper professional help if you can, because it’s okay to need someone to help you through this stuff.