Dead By Daylight Tips And Tricks

Dead by Daylight is the hottest multiplayer horror game in the gaming world right now, and for good reason.

It has an avid community that only gets bigger and bigger, a hardworking team and a near-constant level of new things to do in their season pass, the Rift. 

Despite its popularity, newcomers to the game will struggle due to the lack of understanding of different perks, how to get more, and the variety of killers and killer powers that you come up against. It’s a lot to take in! But don’t worry, here are just a few general Dead by Daylight tips and tricks to get you started.

Dead by Daylight tips and tricks

Play more characters to get access to different perks

The first of our Dead by Daylight tips and tricks is about everyone. Both killers and survivors have access to their own perks. For example, if you choose Claudette as your first to level up and play, you’ll only have access to Self-Care, Empathy and Botany Knowledge straight away. However, once you get to level 35, their perks will start to unlock and will, typically, be coloured orange. Unlocking that perk will allow other survivors access to the perk when they level up. Levelling up and perks work the exact same way for killers, so don’t be afraid to level up and catch all those perks!

Know your powers strengths and weaknesses

When you’re playing killer, you’ll have your very own, unique power. This comes with both strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to figure out what they are so you can take advantage of the strengths, and salvage the weaknesses through the use of perks. For example, if you’re playing The Doctor, you’ll be able to use your main power to send out a shockwave of electricity that’ll alert you the whereabouts of survivors. However, the power can only go so far, and some survivors can hide in lockers to pass the power. Remembering these strengths and weaknesses can help you plan your next move. 

Gens before friends

The main objective of a survivor is to get five generators done, power the exit gate and get the hell out of there! So while it seems like rushing to your friend’s rescue the moment they are on the hook is the best idea, if you’re nearly done on a generator? Sit down and get to work! If the survivor on the hook doesn’t struggle, they have a whole minute before they get to the struggle stage. They have time, and you’ll be able to finish the generator before fetching them.  

Of course, if all your friends are dying off, then the generator will have to wait. But really, just use common sense, and you should have nothing to worry about. 

Loop more than Looper!

1) I have never watched Looper and 2) that’s not the point. Looping, in Dead by Daylight terms, is running the killer around an object or path multiple times to waste time. These can be around rocks, around cars, around the jungle gyms that you find around the map – it doesn’t matter. Most loops are broken up by pallets, which are mostly used as a last resort in order to put distance between you and a killer. If you loop and then go from pallet to pallet, you can waste a lot of the killer’s time.

Know when a chase is going on for too long

As a killer, your job is to keep an eye on generators and kill the survivors that are trying to power them. That’s a harder job than it sounds, especially when you’ve got 4 survivors, and there’s only one of you! This is where the mindset of ‘chase a survivor and kill them’ comes in. You see a survivor; you have to down them, right? Well, it takes two hits to knock a survivor down, and then you have to carry them and pick them up to take to a hook. 

That can take, at the shortest time, 10 seconds. But if a survivor knows what they are doing, they can loop you and run you around for a good couple of minutes. By that time most of the generators are done, and you’ve only got one hooked survivor to show for it. That’s why you need to know when to leave a chase and go harass survivors off gens. It’s this rule that’ll make you stand out from the rest and will help you improve your rank as a killer.