Calico Is Finally Out And It’s Impossibly Cute

The world has been especially dark for most of this year, so playing something cute to take your mind off of it is a great way to unwind. In this case, I’m talking about the ever-so-charming Calico. Calico is a game that tasks you with rebuilding a cat cafe in a magical world where nearly anything is possible. It also means you can create your own spectacular person to pay as alongside enjoying all of the benefits that the world and it’s magic potions can offer you.

It’s just cute. The gameplay is easy to learn, and while there’s nothing here that’s going to challenge the hardcore gamers, that’s really not the point. You get to do cute things like herding cats (more fun than it is in real life), decorating your own cafe, and even cooking as well. It’s just a nice slice of life game that delivers on exactly what it promises, and that’s a nice chilled out experience. It’s the kind of game you can play at the end of the day to help yourself off to sleep, but also the kind of game that’ll happily consume your life until the early hours too.

So, I’m just a writer, sitting here, recommending that you go ahead and play Calico because that way you’ll be able to play with cats and stuff, and honestly, what more could anybody possibly want? A good cafe can bring joy to everyone around it and revitalise a small community, and you get to be the most important part of that.