Curved Space Could Be The Next Resogun

A good shmup is hard to beat. They’re the pinnacle of arcade-style gameplay for a lot of people because they demand absurd reflexes, a good eye for movement, and allow for almost infinite replayability. For a lot of people, that style of gameplay peaked with games like Geometry Wars and Resogun. Both of these hard perfectly distilled gameplay that allowed for any time you put in to be rewarded with massive high scores. Well, we’ve got a new contender to that style of game, and it’s called Curved Space.

Curved Space looks every bit as frenetic and chaotic as the games it shares its genres with, but it’s on a completely different level when it comes to the visuals. There’s a seriously beautiful art style at work here that looks truly stunning, and the way it looks in motion is even more astounding. If the gameplay can match the way it looks then this is going to be an all-time great in the shmup genre.

It’s got everything you’d expect from a game like this. That means power-ups, upgrades, leaderboards, and probably a brutal difficulty spike too. Honestly, I’ve not got a huge amount more to say about this game aside from the fact that I think it’s going to be a beast. There’s no firm release date yet, but I’ll definitely keep you updated on that front. I’m kind of hoping it comes out in the summer, as it’s all a bit hectic before that, and the latter half of the year will probably be rammed as well.