Ocean’s Heart Tips And Tricks

Ocean’s Heart brings a new twist as a Zelda-like game, with very interesting influences of many other RPGs like The Witcher and Bloodborne, thus creating a unique atmosphere and a wonderful experience.

Today we bring you a list of Ocean’s Heart tips to keep in mind as a new player!

As ever with these, while these Ocean’s Heart tips and tricks are aimed at newer players, or even those just considering picking the game up at all, they should also help out players who are already stuck into the game too.

Ocean’s Heart tips and tricks

Explore the region

Ocean’s Heart has a map very big, labyrinthic, and full of surprises waiting for you to unveil them. From eerie forests to unmerciful mountains, run around as much as you want and as much as the game allows you to, and don’t be afraid to explore caves, ruins, and dungeons as well. And every time you unlock a new weapon or spell, take a moment to go back to the places you already visited before. The chances are that you will get access to new places or secrets that usually have valuable items to collect, money, and even upgrades.

Upgrade Your equipment

Talking about upgrades, I strongly recommend you to upgrade your armour, sword, and bow as soon as you get money and the necessary items to upgrade them, such as Coral Ores. Those ones will require you to be thorough in exploring dungeons, fields, and cities since they’re usually locked under puzzles in the most varied places. You can also get them as a reward for completing certain quests.

Enjoy the quests

Quests in this game are pretty fun to tackle and very rewarding, whether they’re the main or side quests. From gathering items to defeating ancient monsters or willingly unleashing a curse on yourself, each and every one of them are pretty unique both in strategy and also in the dialogues happening on them. No matter how many you take at once, take them slowly and enjoy the stories they tell.

Improve your combat

As you advance on your journey, battles can get too precise and tricky, even for the most seasoned players. The practice is the key to progress in this case, so learning the combat mechanics and getting familiarized with the different weapons is the way to go. Keep in mind that, at any point of progression within the game, you can get overwhelmed by the many monstrous enemies plaguing the entire map. If you don’t catch up with the different necessary strategies to face the most dangerous ones, they can quickly get the best of you. 

Take Your time

Last but not least, always remember to enjoy and take as much time as you need while playing. Not only Ocean’s Heart assures you many hours of fun, but there are also hidden secrets, achievements, and bonuses to obtain. At some points, you may feel stuck in your progress, and taking a step back may help to find a new perspective on what path to take (believe me, I had some rough moments). So the final tip it’s just to take a deep breath, and discover what this wonderful adventure has in store for you, at your own pace.