Escape From Tarkov Tips And Tricks

So you just bought Escape from Tarkov and are raring to get into combat and fight the other players, raid buildings and loot your way to Kappa. Good luck, pal.

Here are some simple Escape from Tarkov tips and tricks to help you level up quickly and raise that stash value. It might look like any other FPS game, but you’ll be left behind quickly if you’re not paying attention. 

It’s safe to say that Escape from Tarkov is a fairly in-depth game. It’s the kind of experience that’ll have you scratching your head more often than not, at least to begin with. That’s why these Escape from Tarkov tips are aimed at newer players, because tips for more advanced players are, well, more advanced.

Escape from Tarkov tips and tricks

Always use your scav

Scavs have an initial cooldown of around 20 minutes. They don’t level your character. Instead, you assume the role of a random cheeki boi looking to bring back loot to your main PMC. They are effectively a get out of jail free card when you have died so many times you have nothing left in your stash. You can use these a couple of ways. Many players just rush them to an extract and use the gear on the PMC. If you are new, we suggest using them to learn maps outside of offline raids, loot the hidden stashes around maps and extract with a little bit of change. They should help bring you some cash flow for all the dying your main character will be doing. Don’t engage in fights unless you are absolutely confident you can win. Ammo matters in Tarkov, and it’s rare for a scav to have good ammo. So you better be sure you can kill the other guy before you pull the trigger. Collect and keep everything you find, until you know what does and doesn’t matter for ‘found in raid’ status quests. 

Do your quests

When you are playing as your PMC, until you hit level ten you only have access to basic stuff from the traders. Your armour and guns are going to suck, so combat isn’t the best idea as you are going to struggle to replace gear with better versions outside of fighting raiders on reserve. Focus on getting quests done to rank yourself up to 10 quickly. With that in mind, you should learn the customs map very well in offline raids before hopping on against the other more experienced players or you will have a bad time. Unlock jaeger as soon as you can as his quests dump 9-10k XP in your hands for some faster levelling. 

Remove gear fear

Once you have flea market access, you will want to get yourself some better gear. Simple loadouts utilising the fondly named ‘penis helmet’ and some sort of level 4 armour are worth buying consistently. They are cheap, offer a decent competitive level of protection and importantly tend to come back via insurance if and when you die. Buy and maintain at least 3 kits that are ready to go at a moment’s notice. This should help push through the fear of losing what you are carrying and will make you a better player in the long run. Try to avoid falling down the trap of pistol running or going into a raid with nothing. If you enjoy that playstyle, by all means do it, but it will teach you bad habits that will be difficult to break when you become a more experienced player and want to get involved in firefights. 

Focus on the hideout

Once you start having a backlog of income (we suggest over 2 million rubles initially) it is absolutely worth throwing cash into the hideout. It provides means to make found in raid items for quests and cheaper methods of ammo production, the lifeblood of Tarkov. The faster you upgrade the hideout, the more stable your income becomes as you begin to produce bitcoin in the late game. 

Accept death

Tarkov is punishing. From dodgy servers to 5 man teams, the game conspires to get you killed. Fights you feel confident of winning you can lose on a dime, and a lot of the combat is a 50/50 coin flip. Accept that you are already dead when you load into a raid and you will find yourself pushing harder and winning more engagements instead of cowering in the corner waiting for someone to push you. Once you accept you are already dead, that’s when you can start living in Tarkov.