Shattered – Tale Of The Forgotten King Is A Stunning Soulslike

I am always here for a good Soulslike. You probably know that if you’ve visited the site before. I like the punishing nature of the games, the way they weave success into your failures, and the mix of storytelling styles you can find within them. I like my combat to feel deliberate, and I like each motion to be worthwhile. I love perfecting my mechanics in a game to the point where seemingly impossible challenges become laughable. Basically, I want to feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

Well, Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King is a Soulslike, and it’s one with a beautiful aesthetic (one that really reminds me of Absolver) that’s been in Early Access since June in 2019. It tells the tale of a world abandoned by its king, one where you control a Wanderer exploring a fractured world as you try and piece things together and find out what happened and also try and save the world. You’ll have to rely on not just your own senses, but the tales told by those you find around this world as well.

One of the more unique aspects of the game is that it occasionally switches to 2.5D for platforming sections, which might be the only instance of a Soulslike game doing platforming in a way that doesn’t result in the character dying an almost infinite number of times just because the controls aren’t up to it. Anyway, the reason I’m writing about Shattered is that it’s coming out of Early Access on February 17th, and I’m certain it’ll find a bigger audience as a result.