Blue Fire Tips And Tricks

We’re always happy to see further 3D platformers and indie games have been leading the way. From acclaimed titles like A Hat in Time, middle of the road efforts like Yooka-Laylee and some rather buggy experiences we won’t name here, recent years have given significant love to this genre, even if the results aren’t always. Blue Fire is next on the plate, coming from Argentinian developers ROBI Studios. To help you get started, we’ve got some Blue Fire tips and tricks for you. 

Blue Fire tips and tricks

Within Blue Fire, players take on the role of “The Warrior”, a recently awakened fighter who holds a balance between dark and light within them. Battling to save this world from Shadows, a corruption which took down Kings and Gods alike, you set out to free these gods before they fully succumb, mixing Legend of Zelda style combat with precision platforming. It’s a balance which will test even seasoned platforming fans and as a result, you may require some assistance.

Whilst there’s little we can suggest for the platforming itself, there are other ways to make life easier. With that in mind, here are five Blue Fire tips and tricks to help get you through the game. 

Don’t Use Your Flame Essence Until Absolutely Necessary

The Warrior can be healed through several methods but when you aren’t close to a Flame Spirit Shrine, your most convenient means is Flame Essence. Being able to hold two at once within their inventory, you can heal by pressing up on the D-Pad. Unless you’re about to die, you’d be better off waiting to use them. Obtained by breaking barrels, crates and pots scattered around levels, these are rather uncommon item drops and when used, can restore your entire health. So, if you’ve only been slightly wounded, save it until absolutely necessary.

Be Thorough In Your Exploration

Blue Fire offers a lot of freedom in your progression. As you travel across different locations and take on void challenges, The Warrior can find numerous collectables. Treasure chests are a common occurrence, often holding new weapons or rare gems to sell om at a high price. Much like Flame Essence, you can also obtain a significant number of Ore via breakable barrels, which is needing for purchasing items like Spirits. Some items also come as a set, tradeable with NPCs for special items. Take your time, don’t rush through and that patience will be rewarded. 

Collect All The Void Orbs

Not long after starting, The Warrior is introduced to Void Entrances, being advised that completing these allow you to claim the “Secret Power” of the Flame Guards. As you can imagine, it means they are quite important for finishing and you’ll encounter 16 across the entire game. As mentioned before, Blue Fire can be an unforgiving experience, so we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to just get them over with but doing so would be counterproductive. Each Void Entrance contains 30 Void Orbs and collecting them all allows you to craft further spirit slot. Considering these boost your abilities significantly, try your best to obtain all 30.

Invest In A Larger Pouch

As mentioned before, Ore works as in-game currency and to stay on top of things, you’ll need to buy new equipment and Spirits where necessary. Now, The Warrior does not have particularly deep pockets and at the start, your pouch only holds a maximum of 2,999 Ore at once. At the start, this seems like a lot, since it takes considerable time to even hit that point. Once you start meeting several NPCs – such as The Spirit Hunter or Ari – you quickly learn that some items go above this maximum. As a result, save your Ore where possible and buy that larger pouch. Do not be tempted by emotes.

Equip Golden Lust As A Spirit

If you want to quickly obtain Ore without grinding, an opportunity presents itself near the beginning. After the spirit of Nuos presents himself at the Abandoned Keep, he asks the Warrior to find his death bed, directing him towards Stone Heart City. Once you arrive, you can spot an old library near the back, which involves going up a spiral staircase. Within is Mork, an NPC who offers to sell you several spirits, but these come at a high price. If you’ve not gotten a larger pouch either, some are straight-up unaffordable, but the Golden Lust spirit is going for 2500 Ore. Equipping it doubles your collected Ore, giving you a significant helping hand early on.