No Plan B Isn’t Messing Around

The wonderful thing about gaming is that it’s all fairly iterative. Every single game that comes out will influence another game at some point, and you get these wonderful creations because of this. No Plan B looks as though somebody smushed FTL and Rainbow Six Siege together into one slick package. You have to guide your handpicked squad through increasingly tricky situations and try and plan for not only your first encounter, but also your last.

You start off by picking your squad’s gear, then their entry points, and then the kind of moves they’re going to make. It means that no matter what happens in the missions, it’s all down to the decisions you made, and that puts all of the successes and all of the failures on your shoulders. It’s a really interesting concept, and while a lot of us will have played an FPS like this, this is one of those rare occasions where a change of genre redifines the entire experience. It also means this could be the starting point of a lifelong love of strategy games for some people, and that’s always nice.

I really like the graphics here as well, it’s got this odd polygonal claymation look to it, and I think it fits nicely with the hyper-focused gameplay. It’s just a generally good looking game, and while there’s no official release date as of yet, it’s still one worth keeping an eye on. It’s going to be a frustrating game though, but in a good way.