Fights In Tight Spaces Is Out This Month

I’m still in awe of the fact Fights in Tight Spaces is a real game and not just a fever dream. The idea that someone would put John Wick action and a card game is absurd in the best possible way, and I really do feel like it’s being made especially for me. However, I’m also not foolish enough to believe I’m all that special in wanting this kind of game, and I reckon this game could be a very big deal.

As is often the case with games involving cards, it’ll be releasing into Early Access. It’ll apparently come out properly in less than a year, but will also be launching with the full, five-level game and includes basically everything the game is going to do aside from Daily Challenges. The main aim of EA here is to allow for constant small tweaks to the game as fans get their hands on it, and I think it’s a really good way of helping to keep things balanced. Anybody who’s played a card game before will be able to tell you of a time a perfectly reasonable interaction was exploited at some point due to being put into the hands of the masses.

The current date for the Fights in Tight Spaces Early Access debut is February 24th. That means we’re only two weeks away from being able to live out our punchiest dreams, and I’m beyond excited to get a chance to dive into this world and punch everything in sight.