Fitforce Is Aiming To Be A PC Ring Fit Adventure

We’re going to be stuck indoors for a little bit longer, and frankly, staying any kind of healthy feels damn near impossible in the face of chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, and takeaway food. It’s a lot to deal with, just so damn much, and if you happen to be the kind of person who gets comfort from eating food, you may be a touch more robust than you were this time last year.

Personally, I was lucky enough to get a fairly cheap pair of dumbbells last year during the summer, but I also managed to get Ring Fit Adventure and a pull-up bar too. I’m also lucky enough to be a qualified personal trainer, which means I’ve been using all of these things to allow me to maintain some semblance of a healthy life despite the fact that I rarely leave the house. All of these things cost money though, and while you can workout without equipment and get a lot done, it can be hard to motivate yourself.

Well, I want to introduce you to Fitforce on Steam. Fitforce is a fitness game that uses your phone to track your movement and translates that into the game to allow you to take part in some minigames. It’s free to check out, and as long as your phone has a gyro and accelerometer, you should be good to go. You can then buy new mini games if you like it. I haven’t checked it out myself yet, but I’m planning on doing so this week. I just think this is a cool idea, and I know we can all do with a little more exercise at the moment.