Maskmaker Looks Truly Magical

Virtual Reality is still a luxury platform, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. It’s a pain, because there are some really incredible VR games out there for those who can afford it, and instead, they all get limited by obnoxious buy-in costs that usually require a decent PC, or at least a lot of room, which is its own big old cost. It’s still worth talking about the games there though, because I’m still holding out for the idea that VR won’t be as expensive as it is forever, and that more people will eventually be able to enjoy the wonderful games on the platform.

One such wonderful game is A Fisherman’s Tale, which is one of those VR games that manages to actually feel out of this world. Well, the creators of that game are now making Maskmaker, and it looks just as otherworldly and fantastic. The concept of the game is simple enough, you play as an apprentice Maskmaker learning the ropes of this impressive skill. It looks like another very good excuse to enjoy something that can’t be done with normal gaming, and I have nothing but faith in the developers that they can pull this off.

It’s not just about making masks though, it’s also about exploration, learning about magic, and meeting the characters that fill the world. I’ve got high hopes for this, and I definitely recommend those with the luxury of VR to keep an eye on this game and check it out when it releases on April 20th.