This Month’s Humble Bundle Is Out Of This World

I’ve written about Humble Bundle before on here, but it’s mostly because it’s one of the best ways to get your hands on indie games you might have missed. This month’s bundle is another one that brings with it a host of indie (and a couple of non-indie) games, and I think it’s another great example of what makes the whole thing so enjoyable. The full list is, of course, on the website, but there are a few standout games that I want to talk about.

Endless Space 2 is an excellent strategy game that brings with it a whole host of complexities that’ll enthral pretty much everybody with even the slightest inclination towards the genre. Moving Out asks “what if Overcooked was all about moving house?” and answers the question with a resounding “it’d be a lot of fun and incredibly chaotic.” You’ve then got Outward, which isn’t a game that does anything at all for me, but even I have to admit it does some interesting work in the survival RPG space.

If none of that does it for you, then I can wholeheartedly recommend two of the title with no reservations whatsoever. For starters, you’ve got Valfaris. Valfaris is a heavy metal platformer that has you running around a 2D pixel art world with intensely over-the-top weapons as you go from album cover to album cover and set-piece to set-piece. If you’d rather play something a little more introspective, then Iris and the Giant is one of the best deckbuilding roguelikes around, and it tells a story that’ll have you in floods of tears. Get to it, basically.