You Should Play Streets Of Rage 4

Being stuck inside is getting to me. It’s getting to all of us, I’d imagine, and sometimes you just need to blow off some steam. Now, you could always do this in a fighting game if you so choose, but I like my opponents to take more of a beating than I do, so I generally prefer to beat up AI instead of, uh, HI. There are lots of games that allow me to do this, but the one I’ve sunk the most time into is Streets of Rage 4.

It’s hard to believe that this game came out nearly a year ago, but here we are. Streets of Rage 4 is the return to the 90s beat ’em ups that we’ve all been waiting for. While a few people were worried about the art style initially, once you’ve seen it and played it, you’ll fall head over heels in love with it. Of course, the main draw here is the modern-infused retro combat.

What I mean by that is, while you’ll feel at home if you remember the old Streets of Rage games fondly, there are enough little tweaks to the way you can fight that it feels like a game fitting of 2020. It’s slick as hell, and while the story isn’t all that long on its own, that’s really not the point. Pummelling punks endlessly is a joy, and it’s kind of nice to see the city as you’re journeying around as well. Plus, the music absolutely slaps, as the kids say.