Harmony’s Odyssey Looks Absolutely Adorable

There are few things in life that can’t be improved by looking at something cute. If you’re unconvinced, go and look at the capybara we have on the website and then come back. See, you feel better now, and lord knows the little dude makes the site better just by being here. It’s not just capybaras either, go and look at some kittens, or puppies, or the downfall of capitalism. It’s all adorable, and we’ll all feel better knowing that these things are out there.

Well, if you fancy not only looking at something cute, but also taking part in something cute, then you’ll probably be interested in Harmony’s Odyssey.  Harmony’s Odyssey casts you as a young wizard called Harmony, and you have to go out on a quest to find your cat, who managed to not only steal your wand, but also tangle up the entire world. To be honest, that sounds fairly realistic. I’ve got two cats, and one of them would definitely pull that kind of stunt given any kind of chance to do so.

The end result of this classic cat prank, is that you need to go around and try and fix everything via the medium of puzzles. It all looks rather wonderful, and the games from Mythic Owl tend to be quite enjoyable as well. If you love a bit of puzzling, I definitely recommend keeping an eye on this game and keeping your eyes peeled for a full release date. Of course, there should be a post on here when it gets announced.