You Should Play Darksiders Genesis

I like a game that gives me some cool abilities to unlock, lots of enemies to kill, and the ability to play co-op. Darksiders Genesis ticks all of those boxes very neatly, then sets the list on fire and makes a terrible pun about it. It’s the exact kind of game that fits into those times where you’re not sure what you want to play. Sometimes the mechanics a game will offer you are too much, and you want something with a little bit of complexity, but nothing world-changing.

Darksiders Genesis does a very good job of making you interested enough in its world to play through it all, and it also does enough with the combat to make you feel like a badass when you’re stringing together cool combos. It’s a feel-good game, despite the fact that it’s about the end of the world. Or the end of the end of the world, or the beginning of the end? Maybe it’s about the prelude to the end of it. Look, my point is that the gameplay, voice acting, mechanics, and graphics, are all more than good enough to give you a little co-op treat, but in a way that doesn’t demand too much out of you.

It’s pretty easy to get burnt out on games, especially as we’re nearing the one-year anniversary of being locked inside. Darksiders Genesis is a really good one to dive into with a mate and just enjoy it. It’s not too long, the missions are about one hour apiece, and you get the odd laugh thanks to the writing.