Is Solar Ash A 3D Hyper Light Drifter?

We had a lot of cool games revealed at the most recent State of Play, and rather wonderfully, a few of them were from indie studios. One of the most striking ones was Solar Ash, which is a 3D action platformer that looks a fair bit like Hyper Light Drifter. If you’ve never played Hyper Light Drifter, then I can only insist that you rectify that as soon as possible because it’s one of the best indie games of all time. It’s also absolutely stunning, which helps.

Solar Ash is being made by the team behind Hyper Light Drifter, so it makes sense that it looks similar. It looks as though it could be something along the lines of a Risk of Rain 2 to Risk of Rain deal, in that the gameplay might be similar but it’s in 3D now. If it plays anything like HLD, then it’s going to be a truly incredible experience, and really I’m just waiting for new information to confirm what I believe about the game.

One thing that doesn’t need confirmation is the fact that it looks absolutely beautiful. The people at Heart Machine certainly have a knack for interesting colour use, and as long as the game can be around half as good as it looks, then we’re in for a real treat. I just want to beat up giant monsters in a beautiful world, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, to be honest. We’ll see though, and I shall eagerly await more information in the meantime.