Rain bullets on waves of space baddies in Satryn

Retro games played on the ZX Spectrum are distinct for their vibrant colour palette, the splatter of bright pinks, blues and yellows a stark contrast against their black backdrop. The wonderfully chromatic twin stick shooter Satryn, which also happens to be free-to-play, is cut from the same cloth. Clearly inspired by the very genesis of twin stick shooters itself–the inimitable Robotron 2084–Satryn lets you spit out a dizzying array of bullets against fearsome space baddies in a galaxy far, far away.

The setup is also pure, unadulterated joy. You’ll have to steer through waves of hostile aliens to save your friends–a bunch of smiley, blue creatures who are absent-mindedly floating amongst the deeply hostile crowd. Once you picked them up and eliminated all signs of danger, you’ll be transported to the next stage via a radiant splash of colour that washes over the screen. The maelstrom of action is frenzied and intense, and the experience almost meditative at times, as you eventually have to rely on your instincts and reflexes to dodge these waves of enemies. You’ll do battle forever, which is honestly great, or at least until you crash under their sheer miasmic force.

And then you will start all over again.

More than just good ol’ fashioned fun though, Satryn is also a feast for the eyes. There are few things quite as dazzling as the sight of multi-hued explosions, set off by a sprawling mess of bullets and hostile space critters. It’s a galaxy that’s teeming with poetic, breathtaking destruction. 

Again, you can download Satryn for free at, but perhaps consider dropping the developer a few dollars for an experience that’s so wildly and endlessly electrifying.