You’re now a young Sherlock in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

According to Wikipedia, we already have at least 22 videogames based on the exploits of Sherlock Holmes. One of the biggest contributors to this rapidly growing list is, undoubtedly, Ukrainian studio Frogwares, which has been fastidiously producing some of the more well-known Sherlock titles in recent years. Now they have another title to throw into the mix: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, an open-world action adventure about the fictional detective as his youngest and freshest yet.

Chapter One is thus named because it’s a prequel to the studio’s countless Sherlock Holmes adventures. In this iteration, we’ve now stepped back in time to meet the world-famous detective as a strapping young lad at 21 years old.

Even though the detective is just launching into his first few cases, he’s still doing so with plenty of aplomb. These spades of investigation, however, have a more personal slant to it: Holmes is also looking into the unresolved death of his mother. And according to the gameplay trailer, he’s also quick to engage in some good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs and gun-slinging. 

It all looks pretty tantalising, but it hasn’t stray too far from the typical Sherlock Holmes setup. The stories of Sherlock Holmes have been told so often that tales of the detective are nearly at the mythmaking stage, and I would love to see Frogwares push the envelope a bit more beyond just turning Holmes into a smart-talking, face-slamming super detective.

Oh, and Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will see a release sometime this year.